We Miss You

A special thank you to Missy and Timbaland for their everlasting support, God Bless You, Thank You, We Love You…

“Aaliyah so many people LOVE your Style & Music TIL this day! I wish they all got a chance to meet you to see how CARING you were to EVERYONE you met! I CAN STILL HEAR YOU LAUGH & us cracking up all the time & me you @Timbaland joking we MISS YOU so much! but I know you are surrounded by ANGELS and yall dancing doing a Dope routine a sick 8 count for your BDAY WE LOVE U from The Supa friends! and YOUR FANS! Prayers for mama DIANE & your bro RASHAD!”

– Missy

“She has a special essence that’s not explainable, that just transcends through time.” “She was like blood, and I lost blood.” “She was just super dope…she was God-sent; that was my sister.”

– Timbaland


For Baby Girl… “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. WE MISS YOU!

* One In A Million *
Aaliyah One In A Million