Love’s Bidding

Love’s Bidding

The rules are simple.
Every single woman
is someone’s daughter.
Every single man
is someone’s son.

When they meet trouble,
feel their parents’ pain,
the sadness,
the despair,
the raw terror.

Don’t flee from this.
Embrace it.
Meditate on it.
Let it surround you
until there is but a pit of agony
where your stomach once was;
until you lose sight
of the four directions;

Until your life is so consumed
by prayers for their safe return,
for compassion, for light, and for warmth
that you forget they are not your kin.

Then, while the bloodlines are blurred,
get up off your comfortable cushions,
your boardroom chairs,
your seats of separation
and go out into the world
and do love’s bidding.

By Tyrone Holmes from his collection “The Undone Heart”


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