In her precious 22 years Aaliyah achieved more than many do in several lifetimes. An illuminating factor was her conviction to touch and help others via her commitment to various causes that thwart the many afflictions of humanity. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund was created as a vehicle whereby the general public could contribute to and support causes that Aaliyah found important. Some of the beneficiaries already include the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Breast Cancer Research Program, the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Breast Cancer Center, the Sloan Kettering Memorial Center for Cancer Research, the National Breast Cancer coalition and Step-up Women’s Network, the Jonsson Cancer Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association of Los Angeles and the National Alzheimer’s Association. These issues, that affected the Haughton family personally, also affect families globally from every walk of life; thus, their commitment has no boundaries. To this day, the Haughton family, personal friends, businesses and Aaliyah fans have donated $209,848.25 of total disbursements. With your contribution, continual research and hope for cures will go on. For Aaliyah and her comrades that left us August 25th, 2001, there is much we can do as a benevolent community that will work together toward these common goals.

With Aaliyah In Our Hearts!



We invite you to visit the following websites for more information...

Revlon/UCLA Women’s Breast Cancer Center
Sloan Kettering Memorial Center for Cancer Research
National Breast Cancer Coalition
Step-up Women’s Network
The Jonsson Cancer Foundation
Alzheimer’s Association of Los Angeles
National Alzheimer’s Association


If you wish to make a donation to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund, Please make checks payable to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund and mail them to:
Aaliyah Memorial Fund
331 West 57th Street, #281
New York, NY 10019


If you would like to be a part of the Aaliyah Memorial Fund, please sign up here and we will contact you with information on how you can be a part of the causes that were important to Aaliyah and her family; and paramount to her everlasting legacy.