Happy Father’s Day 2019

A special Poem by Rashad Haughton for his Father, written when Rashad was just 8 years old.


Happy Father’s Day!

I’m here to tell you about a man named Mike,

he’s the greatest father in the world and that’s no psych.

The situation here is sacrifice for your kids,

anything Mike gets we get first dibs.

I love him a lot because he is always there for me,

to teach me about life and the things I don’t see.

He helps with basketball, school, a lot of stuff,

but at the same time his style is raw and rough.

So when you look in the dictionary for the word father alright,

don’t even bother there’s a picture of Mike!

Love Rashad!


Happy Father’s Day to all!  Daddy and Michael – Ra and I miss you so much.  Loving You Until There Is No Time!


The Original Father’s Day Card Cover.