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Happy Birthday Aaliyah

January 16th

We open this site so people will remember,
enjoy and love the talent,
soul and spirit of Aaliyah,
"the highest most exalted one"...

The Haughton Family

To the Wonderful Fans, "That's What Friends Are For"
by Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder.
Thank you...  With Aaliyah In Our Hearts!!


The Aaliyah Memorial Fund and the Haughton Family proudly support the Revlon Run/Walk for Women making a significant donation in the amount of $8,000 which will go to help fund important research for finding the cure to women's cancers, as well as assisting prevention, education and support service programs, all of which Aaliyah held very close and dear to her heart...

Aaliyah's Weeping Willow Tree in Central Park

The Haughton Family is pleased to be able to share some exclusive images from the life of Baby Girl. We hope you enjoy seeing Aaliyah as a child, singer, actress, moments with her family and cute outtakes.


   In her precious 22 years, Aaliyah achieved more than many do in several lifetimes...
   An illuminating factor was her conviction to touch and help others. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund was created as a vehicle whereby her fans, friends and family can contribute to and support causes that Aaliyah found important. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund started in 2001. The beneficiaries include the Revlon/UCLA Women's Breast Cancer Research Program and the National Breast Cancer Coalition and Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Research. In addition, Aaliyah was committed to providing support to Alzheimer's research through the National Alzheimer's Association and the Alzheimer's Association of Los Angeles. The Haughton family is committed to these causes among others that affect families all over the world from every walk of life.
   For Aaliyah and her comrades that left us August 25th, 2001, there is much we can do as a benevolent community to keep Aaliyah's dreams & legacy alive. With your contribution, research and hope for cures will go on with your help in Aaliyah's name.      [Read Letter]


"You have to enjoy your job; you should wake up every day and love what you do... I honestly do...From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. I'm truly happy."
--Aaliyah 2001

When considering Aaliyah's track record, it's befitting that her name means "The highest, most exalted one, the best."

Her parents, Diane and Michael, decided on the name based on the high hopes and expectations they would have if they had a daughter...

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To the Fans,

     To our devoted fans and friends, the address for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund has changed, I hope this change does not affect anything for you. Without your support and love I don't know how the fund would have done so well giving to the charities Aaliyah (Baby Girl) cared so much about. Also, you need to know how your cards and letters have helped to bring Ra and I out of some of the darkness that affect us daily. We love all of you so very much! Bless you always!!
     I have a question, do you want your cards, letters and checks (without the addresses) posted? It is my way of acknowledgement and thanks, but I need to hear from you! We do not want a lot of info in reference to what we give because giving is from the heart, not for publicity, at least that is how I feel. Again, I want to please the beauty of what you do and have done for 13 years!! Will wait to hear.

Diana and Ra

With Aaliyah and our friends in our heart forever! (August 25, 2001)
With all of you in our heart!

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     Aaliyah Memorial Fund
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