The following are just some (more will be continually posted),
of the beautiful and lovely emails sent in through time...
All of them, so appreciated, very, very much!
Thank You, Always, With Aaliyah In Our Hearts!!



Subject: Thanks for All Aaliyah
From: Abéné Boris
(January 2014)

Aaliyah thank you for all the years of happiness you have afforded us and what you still give us is eternal, your music is eternal, forever you live in my heart, I miss you your so irreplaceable and your parents to be proud of you because they have an angel, who lived with an angel for years. God has blessed you, he called you because you are his angel Aaliyah. I cry and I will never cease to cry to you, I loved you like crazy, whatever you did succeed, Aaliyah Dana Haughton I love you like the sun you never cease to shine.

Abéné Boris (for Cameroun)



Subject: A blessing
From: Dynisha Bessick-Hinton
(January 2014)

Hello Haughton Family.

I know you must get a lot of mail. Trust me, I know why. Aaliyah Haughton was a special Star. I am sure you guys already know that. People call her their IDOL. But yo me she was NOT an idol. She was a breath of fresh air. An angel walking God's earth. When I learned that she passed, I immediately burst into tears. I was kinda angry at God because I couldn't understand why He would call her home so soon. I hadn't even had the chance to meet her, I thought. But I know He does not make mistakes. He shared His star with us...with you. He allowed us to enjoy her for a moment....I love Aaliyah. She is my favorite entertainer. I love her so much that I named my oldest daughter after her. Ms. Diane and Rashad, thank you for allowing us, her fans into your lives. We love the Haughton family and we will remember our Star forever.

She was truly one in a million.



Subject: To The Haughton Family.
From: Mercedies
(January 2014)

To The Haughton Family,

I just want to express how much of a pleasure it is to still play Aaliyah . I am Mercedies . Growing up in Brooklyn , NY as a child , I always a tom boy and right around the time that Aaliyah came out , I was going through this phase ya'know ? All the boys were liking the girly girls . Aaliyah made me okay with myself , so I started to copy her . I started to manifest the same thing she once held so close to her , dignity . Even as of late , I notice my style evolving as hers did . I am still a tomboy but I can clean up nice like she did . As of 2014 , I've made major moves , I've continued modeling and I also recently just went on The Bad Girls Club Season 11 . Everyday I play Aaliyah because she's just still so much of an inspiration to me , so much that for the filiming of my reunion in August of 2013 , I wore a shirt in remembrance of her . This is nothing unusual , people who know me " benze " know that I go extremely hard for her . I just finished watching some more of her videos with anger in my heart but she came to me and told me " to chill " . Idk , it's weird , your daughter comforts me in a way . Everything about her is sooo ahhhhmazing . I wish as a 25 year old that I was a pretty as her .. I truly miss her ! I truly cry all the time still , years later . I really miss your daughter a lot . I am sorry for the loss of your husband as well Mrs.Haughton and to Rashad , everytime I see you , I see her and that's all good with me .
I just wanted to let you and your family know as well as the Aaliyah Memorial Staff that she still has die hard fans out here and not one day goes by where we as a fan base don't say "only if Aaliyah was here" I wish Aaliyah was here she would've ended all that "She's trying to be Aaliyah" stuff. WE MISS AALIYAH SO MUCH ! I know , for me , I miss her a lot .

She's irreplaceable Mrs.Haughton / Staff ! irreplaceable !

Rest In Peace Aaliyah

- Mercedies



Subject: Painting Aaliyah - Rá Artist
From: a.radulescu
(January 2014)


I am sending with my painting of Aaliyah.

Best regards,

Aaliyah Painting Aaliyah Painting With Frame



Subject: Hey..
From: Josh Greb
(January 2014)

This is Josh from Minnesota I love Aaliyah's music miss it to this day its really sad that that happened hope we all see her in Heaven one day God Bless



Subject: Aaliyah
From: Originally PINK
(January 2014)

Dear Haughton Family,

I'm writing this email because Aaliyah had made a huge impact in my life. Aaliyah was an amazing person, inside and out. She was very beautiful and her amazing voice & spirit captured the hearts of us all. God needed an angel like her by His side because she was truly an angel on Earth. I remember when I met her, I was too young to remember but she was amazing.

As a young woman, I grew up and still am listening to her music. She was my inspiration, my idol and my favorite singer. Today is also her birthday and Lord knows where she would've been right now because she was all that and more at only 22.

I am also aware that you've lost your husband, Michael. I express my deepest condolences to you and your family and to keep your head up at this difficult time. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Thank you for raising such a great person, Ms. Diane.


Ashley, a big Aaliyah fan.



Subject: 1624
From: Dyeisha
(January 2014)

Happy bday to our angel may god bless her and Michael! And may god bless you Diane and rashad I will be meeting with you guys soon love u and god bless

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Subject: POEM for Aaliyah
From: Aliyah Cherrisse
(January 2014)

Happy Birthday to our Angel & Queen!

This poem I wrote is dedicated to her for it was created from
The song titles of some of her greatest hits!
I hope the Haughton family likes this!
I love her so and she forever lives in my eyes! xoxo


Aliyah Cherrisse


MISSING LOVE BY: Aliyah Cherrisse
INSPIRED BY: The Hits of Aaliyah

I need to know, will you always be "AT YOUR BEST?"
"ARE YOU THAT SOMEBODY" that I will always want, need, & can lean on for rest?
See I just don't believe that "AGE AIN'T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER"
for with age comes wisdom and that's what I'm into!
You have to understand that I am truly "ONE IN A MILLION,"
so if "WE NEED A RESOLUTION," then sweaty let's find the solution
because I don't have that type of time to go "BACK & FORTH,"
nor will I send any "FOUR PAGE LETTER" to your door!
In this time I am in my prime
so if you can't see that I am "MORE THAN A WOMAN"
then how can you be worthy to "ROCK THE BOAT" in this ocean?
In a sea of passion I do "CARE FOR YOU," but I love me too
and if we need to "TRY AGAIN," then love I'm all in.
See "I DON'T WANNA" be without you
but sometimes I wonder "ARE YOU FEELING ME,"
it's just something I don't see!
I can get "HOT LIKE FIRE," but really "IT'S WHATEVER!"
I'm not trying to be a "CHOOSEY LOVER,"
but you are "THE ONE I GAVE MY HEART TO,"
& to be honest "I MISS YOU!"

My Queen Aaliyah!!! Your hits, memory, & presence will forever live!

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1-16-79- 8-25-01 R.I.P~



Subject: Aaliyah Art <3
From: Jaymie R
(January 2014)


I miss you so much and painted this in celebration of your memory and birthday. Thank you for making music that has always been there for me. Please feel free to share my painting through any Aaliyah media. Still holding it down for Baby girl!

Jaymie Russo



Subject: "O~EYE"
From: richard gallardo
(January 2014)

Hi family,

my name is Richard Gallardo and I go by the stage name of "O~EYE" IM A SOULTEKKEN D.J. im writing u because I needed to say some things that I have been holding inside of my heart and soul since babydolls passing. I lpve and miss her very much, actually more than words can describe..I too am involved in creating, production and recording of music. Wen she passed I was so devasstated that I dropped out of the music industry, jest before I was about to get singed.we hadnt met yet, but spoke on the phone alot and for me was developing a deep friendship that enabled true love. Wen I say true love, I mean a love like "she is an angel , jest like me and muaically connected, magially embraced likw two playful souls . Music be ing my love and passion we wrote ans composed simostaniously talkin in rhe phone.. trading ideas knowing exactly wat fit.matched like a aupernatural.

I know one day well b together but until then, I cry the blues.. I jest wanted u to know, that ever in life have I had the pleasure of knowing an angel..
Babyoll iloveu and I hope u like who I become, thanks to all the rappers and enteryainers in the music industry for all of their positive input...iloveuall..peace on Earth..




Subject: {No Subject}
(January 2014)

My Jehovah's word the bible give you comfort -2cor:1-3. May you find comfort &peace. Isaiah-41:10



Subject: To aaliyah
From: Jade
(January 2014)

"I'm only 13 I was only one year and one month and 5 days when the angel fled back to heaven god knows it wasn't her time to depart us. She was the light in the dark the happiness in sight and could make anything bright. Aaliyah I love you until we meet again <3"




Subject: Inspiration! Greetings from Germany.
(December 2013)

Dear Mrs Haughton,

my name is Kevin, Im 24 years old and I`m from Germany.I hope you understand what I write because my english is not the best.
Aaliyah has always been a huge inspiration for me in life.When I was a teenager I discovered that I was gay.It was a tough time and I was so scared to even tell sombody about it.I spent my teenage years trying to accept the fact that I am different than the other boys in my class and it didnt worked out well.Somehow my father always knew that I was gay and he didnt liked the fact.I was a hard time to live with him together.
As I began to get older I first started listening to Aaliyahs was just really emotional.I am an ermotional person and her lyrics and her voice still bring me to tears.Aaliyah taught me to always stand true to yourself and be who you are and I am so thankful that she was there to help me trough this phase of my life.
As I came into my twenties I told all people in my family that Im gay and there was only positive resonance.I have a boyfriend since 2010 and my family and friends accept him like he belongs to them and thats a great feeling.I always been a shy person and looked up to persons in the spotlight and Aaliyah was definetly my role model.She gave me the strength to take this hard step and it paid off.
I just wanted to tell you that I will give all that I have to keep her legacy alive....My sister gave birth to a beautiful girl named Melia and I will of course play her songs from Aaliyah.My boyfriend also became a little fan although he dont like this type of music.
Aaliyahs music is like heart-balm.I still freak out when I hear her on the radio...I still cry when I hear songs like "I care 4 u" or "I refuse", I still dance in the kitchen to one of her party songs,each of them remind me of a different phase of my life.....they are all classics!Her music is like gold to me and it makes me happy that I will be able to listen to her songs for the rest of my life!
I felt like this was the right time to write a little letter to you Mrs Haughton to let you know that there are a great number of people, including me, who are thinking of you, your son Rashad and our beloved Aaliyah.I have great respect for you and nothing will ever change my love for Aaliyah and her whole family, even though we never met each other.

Best wishes and regards from Germany.




Subject: Merry Christmas
(December 2013)

Good morning Diane Haughton merry Christmas to you and you're Son Rashda Haughton

I know then Aaliyah I miss you alia is in heaven with her father I know you may still so much call me sometime Diane is you need to talk to I am here for you this is renarda I am a biggest fan of Aaliyah

Aaliyah my angel she always in my heart I know she's looking down on us from heaven:-)



Subject: To aaliyah from aniyah
(December 2013)

Me only being the 10 I still know a lot about this Beautyful angle that is always with us. I have known a lot about her writing a lot about her, singing her songs , hanging pictures of her she will always be a great roll model for me. I will always miss aaliyah . As I write this I cry about this



Subject: Well Wishes to the Haughton Family
(December 2013)

Good Morning Haughton Family,

I woke up this morning and found myself watching 'Behind the Music: Aaliyah' on VH1 and I was incredibly touched by all of the interviews and kind words which everyone had to say about Aaliyah. Nearly five years ago, I lost my best friend and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of my Hampton.

During this holiday season, I wish you all the very best and may God continue to strengthen you all.

You all are a beautiful family!

<3 Robbin

Robbin Lockhart



Subject: {No Subject}
(December 2013)

Dear Aaliyah,

You inspire me so much to do right.Me watching your videos now makes me realise that I want to achieve my dreams becoming a singer.I sing in my room 4 page letter all the time.What happened to you was a tragedy and I'm so very sorry that had to happen to you.To her family even though this was years ago I'm truly sorry you lost your dearest loved one a true Angel

Sincerely Nia Lawrence



Subject: Merry Christmas
(December 2013)

To Diane & Rashad

Merry Christmas to you both. I wish you have a day full of love and happiness. Know that Aaliyah and Michael are watching down on you proudly. Today I will play Aaliyah's music and be thankful for the greatness she left here on Earth (:

From Kaisle



Subject: aaliyah family
(December 2013)

From the bottom of my heart i really no that aaliyah will be so happy that you all are living on for her and for all of the dreams that she had lives on always going on love is everything because god has made us and god is love which is the best gift of all and i just want to let you no i never know aaliyah but she is a bless soul and around time time of your lost i lost my mother and miss her so much and i also miss aaliyah so much she made me strong doing that time and she was so much like a light to me and i no she was i wish i could have been a light like that because when i look at her i knew god was saying get ready im coming back and it want be long a new day is coming i pray that one day we can see even when it dark because there is a light at the end of every end of the earths and heavens lights are always on so we no that there is never a end to love and ill lives.



(December 2013)

Alliyah you woll be missed rip my lovely queen

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Subject: Aaliyah
(December 2013)

I love you Aaliyah as a fan as someone who looked up to you and still remains looking up to you

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Subject: Hi rashad and Diane
(December 2013)

Sending the haughton a early merry Christmas and happy new year. I love you guys may god bless your family love dyeisha

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Subject: email me anytime you wish, everytime i see her i see her.
From: Angie
(July 2012)


You don't know a thing about me. I was pregnant back in 2004, I've always loved your daughter's way she carried herself, the message she was sending to young adults across the country and possibly the world. But they were listening to "I'll miss you." And my daughter knows this but your family hasn't yet to find out.

I named my precious daughter after yours. Her name is spelled the same she just turned 8 in May, 2012. She is a spitting image of her almost as well. And she's my mini me. I feel like it is time to tell you I have a little girl in Santa Rosa CA named Aaliyah B - - -, and she ROCKS!!! She has footwork in her dance routines I honestly can't figure out how she moves from one stance hitting every single beat of the pop music to another whole frequency.

My favorite song of hers varies to how I'm feeling. But for real, I named her, in her spirit as I lay pregnant I felt such a connection to Aaliyah and all that she was doing and about to do and ready to watch eagerly what this beautifully talented and gifted singer, song writer, dancer and performer. And loving the name Aaliyah already, it was ever present that that was to become my own second daughter's name.... Aaliyah ....



Subject: Aaliyah
From: Ashley
(July 2012)

Aaliyah was an idol to me and when she passed it crushed me. When I look or see anything of hers it makes me think of what was destined in her bright future. But I will not be saddened by this because I know that she's in a better place and even though she's gone her legacy will forever shine and is within all she touched and graced. R.I.P Angel to the haughton family I pray for you and your babygirl



Subject: Aaliyah
From: Quisha
(July 2012)

My prayers still goes out to the Haughton family... Aaliyah has always been my favorite artist & she always will be. I miss her so much :'(...



Subject: Sarah
From: Sarah
(July 2012)

Dear Haughton family,

Like many of us, I was a big fan of Aaliyah. I wish she could have had listened to my "slowed down" cover of "Are you that somebody"...hopefully, she has from where she rests in peace.

I would love to hear that you have taken the time to listen to it.

I really hope you lie it

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sarah ( from Paris)



Subject: Hello
From: keristan
(July 2012)

Hello my name is keristan and im a huge fan of our beloved aaliyah. Sometimes i daydream and think about what she would have been like today. I give all respect to the Family for their outpour of live and strength through the tough times. I know that aaliyah was very close with her mother mrs.diane. And i just wondered if mts.diane ever considered giving a interview or writing a book. Alot of mothers have gone through what she has and aaliyah fans including myself wonder how her mother is doing right now. I hope all is well and i send my love to you all.




Subject: Aaliyah
From: Jaz
(July 2012)

Dear Aaliyah's family,

I was only a little kid when your daughter was becoming a star, and I remember having the biggest crush on your daughter for many years :P But I remember that fateful day when she left us, and I remember keenly seeing my sister crying her eyes out. I wasn't old enough to appreciate how truly special she was at the time, but having reminisced back I decided to buy and listen to all of Aaliyah's albums again and to look up her life, and I can honestly say I will never have any celebrity, and few others, touch me as deeply with their personality, voice and message as she did, nor will I ever see anyone more beautiful than Baby Girl. She truly was a angel and you could tell from her interviews and her songs that she was a genuine, caring and kind person who affected everyone around her deeply.

I'd like to thank you for bringing her into the world, and raising her to be the amazing person she was. It makes me sad that I never got to meet her and never will, but at the same time I am happy in the fact that she got to shine for the short time she spent in all of our lives, and brightened our days. Despite never meeting her, she is one of the few celebrities who I would like to befriend to me. Aaliyah touched so many lives, including my own, and it is almost unbelievable how amazing a person she was. She will always have a place in my heart as one of those few people do, and I still have that boyhood crush to this day. I miss her deeply, but I know she's looking down on all of us somewhere, and I take comfort in the fact she is at peace.

R.I.P Baby Girl, Love you always.

Jaz x



Subject: Aaliyah is my Biggest Role Model to this Day. Please Read
From: Juaron
(July 2012)

It's so hard to believe that she's been gone for 11 years already. Words can't express how deeply I feel for the entire Haughton family. Aaliyah is and will always be my role model. She's my inspiration in everything that I do. Whenever I feel depressed or think that I cant go on anymore, I just think of her. Aaliyah would say "Dreams Come True" and ever since I heard her say that, that has stuck with me still. I love Aaliyah so much. I have all her cd's and both of her movies. When i listen to an Aaliyah song, it feels like she's singing directly to me. As well as the millions of people who also listen to her music. She just made you feel close to her in her songs. My favorite Aaliyah songs are: More Than A Woman, Are you that somebody, Rock The Boat, Hot Like Fire, Turn The Page, I Refuse, Well basically every song off the 'Aaliyah' album lol. And last but not least her song One In A Million, because that is basically what Aaliyah was, 'One in a Million'. I miss her SOO much, as do all of us. Everything I do, Is for Aaliyah. When I become a movie star, I will ALWAYS keep Aaliyah's name out there. She will NEVER be forgotten. So like I said, Aaliyah is and will always be the biggest inspiration in my life. I love her so much.

Please Reply back :) <3



Subject: My Idol
From: Chine
(July 2012)

To the Haughton family,

I just wanted to express my admiration for your daughter Aaliyah. I spent my teenage years listening to her, dressing like her and learning to sing like her. Still to this day I listen to her albums. Her voice was so unique and like no other. The song 'I Care for you' I'm learning in singing at the moment and no matter how much I practice, I'll never sound like her.

Aaliyah lives on.

xxx Chiné



Subject: For parents of Aaliyah Dana Haughton.
From: arcana
(June 2012)

Hello, my name is Artem, i'm from Moldova, Tiraspol; and i big fan of your daughter. I learned about the work your daughter is when she was not with us, I was intrigued, and I began to get involved in her music and movies, more and more. One day I saw for myself that was a great admirer of your daughter and decided to learn everything (as far as possible) about Aaliyah. Upon learning of the tragedy that occurred August 25, 2001, I began to grieve, really grieve like a human being. You may not believe me, but it's true, and let the ill-fated day was long gone he will always be in my heart and in my memory. I want you to know that in my country, in my town know about your daughter's unit of people, and they are very fond of her work. I'm sure you will understand me correctly and will not be judged strictly for my letter, but I really wanted to write you because I am about your daughter learned a lot (from an interview friends, colleagues, learned a lot from the internet) and I am sure that this person may not bring every parent. I will be brief - as I live, breathe and exist in this world, exactly as I remember your daughter, if I knew her well. All the best to you and remember - even to this day there are people in the world grieving with you. I apologize for my bad English, and bid you farewell ....... I hope that the letter came to you .....

Sincerely, Artem.



Subject: Aaliyah music lives in my heart
From: Виталий
(June 2012)

Hello Haughton family, I am from Russia, St. Petersburg area
I just found out today that Aaliyah is gone! Since he could not remember the name of the song and artist, in which it about 12 years since did not know the words! I rolled her tears, seemed to lose a loved one! I really was in love with this song as a child! The clip is too much!

Thank you that you have read! : (



Subject: I just loved her and her music.
From: Wilma
(June 2012)

I just loved her and her music. I just found myself thinking about her yesterday and sat down listening to her music. She really was a great singer. Is there any music that she did that hasn't been released? I hope you don't mind me asking but i just want to hear more.

I hope that family are all doing well.



Subject: Hi
From: Star
(June 2012)

Hi my name is Star I would like to know how I can support the Aaliyah Foundation in any way Id like to make a donation hope to hear from you soon thanks

All is love God Bless -Star



Subject: Aaliyah
From: Marquashua Young
(May 2012)

Gone but not forgotten

I love Aaliyah so much and her music

Miss beautiful



Subject: The Moon Still Shines
From: Me'a
(May 2012)

Love and Many Many Blessings for The Haughton Family. <3



Subject: Aaliyah Digital Art
From: dee
(May 2012)

Hi my name is Decontee Howard i just wanted to send a digital art that i did for aaliyah may she continue to R.I.P

Aaliyah Art




Subject: Curiousity
From: Kiame
(April 2012)

Hello, my name is Kiame Green and I'm a 20 year old Detroit native. I'm a Capricorn, a young vocalist and an all around determined young man. I have been in love with Aaliyah and her music since I could comprehend, and I think of her as not just a singer, but a great person I never got a chance to meet. There are many things I believe she is owed recognition for and I would love for them to be acknowledge. I've been anxious for new unreleased music, and much more. I know plenty of people write you, but when I say that there is so much that I find similar between Aaliyah and myself it kinda makes me feel hope that maybe one day her music could live on through artists such as myself.

You will never be forgotten,




Subject: {No Subject}
From: Arian
(April 2012)

Aaliyah was a great person i loved her as much when i heard about what happen . i was little when she passed when my mom told mi what happen i was crying my eyes out i wanted to know why and how and she told me.
aaliyah is in my heart and in my prayers forever missed AALIYAHHH

RIP <3 baby girl



Subject: to the haughton family
From: Jonathan
(April 2012)

to the the haughton family my thought's and prayers are with you's all yesturday i was watching a documentry of aaliyah on vh1 she had such a beautiful voice and she was so beautiful may god bless her and your family



Subject: Aaliyah
From: Tawanna
(April 2012)

I am just thanking the Haughton family for Aaliyah. My name is Carlos Antonio Harris and I am from breaux bridge louisiana and I make sure that Aaliyah ( baby girl) is known and never forgotten. I love Aaliyah so much it feels like I knew her threw her music and that's very rare these days. Well I love u Mr. Michael Haughton, Ms.Diana Haughton, and Rashad Haughton. God bless your family and friends.



Subject: My memory
From: Dynalee
(April 2012)

Dear Haughton Family,

I first want to thank you for the gift you gave us which was Aaliyah. I was a very young girl when she passed and I her music will forever be apart of my memory. I spoke to her once and it meant the world to me. I was at my grandmothers house while my mom was at work in cohens fashion optical on 57th street in NYC and a phone call came in for me. I was shocked to find it was my idol Aaliyah. I was so nervous and scared but she made me feel so relaxed. She was amazing. I will forever remember this. Thank you and god bless. She will always be missed and loved.





Subject: =D
From: rae
(April 2012)

I love aaliyah So much. Aaliyah was very talent, beautiful, and very smart. Every time her song come on it brings me to tears on how stunning and lovely her voice is. When I pass I can't wait to see that angel... I wish the haughton family the best. God Bless



Subject: Thank you
From: Anne
(April 2012)

Dear Haughton Family,

I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your Beloved Aaliyah with the world throughout my adolescent and early adult years. She always will be not only one of my favorite entertainers, but one of my favorite people God has blessed this world with. I grew up with her music, watched every interview, movie, music video and award show she was a part of. Her beauty transcended all; the love of her craft and even more so her family, was ever apparent.

I was listening to "One in a Million" a few weeks back and posted how much I missed Aaliyah on my Facebook wall. The very next day, I attended a burial at the same Mausoleum where, unbeknown to me, "the highest most exalted one" rests. Had I known at the time I was there that I was in the presence of royalty, it would have given my soul much comfort to pay my respects to her.

Thank you again for sharing Aaliyah with us all. My life will eternally be touched and brighter because of her.

Warmest regards,




Subject: hello
From: Kesharra
(April 2012)

is this rip aaliYah family email i respect your daugther in all ways

<3 love kesharra



Subject: R.I.P Aaliyah
From: LaRasia
(April 2012)

Rest in piece love to u and your friends and family Aaliyah. Sorry for u y'all lost and always remember Aaliyah is always with u.

Mrz. LaRasia baby



Subject: Aaliyah True Angel
From: Alexandria
(April 2012)

Hello I hope this email reaches the family I was a teenager when Aaliyah passed I still love all of her music & her style she seemed so sweet & a good hearted person I saw the Behind the music on VH1 just now & started to cry I hope u all the best



Subject: {No Subject}
From: Amy
(April 2012)

Thank for sharing your amazing child with the world. It is a better place because of her.